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New Updated Version of TAMARIN 4.6 released for Central Atlantic Forest
Washington DC, USA
April, 2004. Eventhough not long after the official release of the past version of TAMARIN (4.3, in Bahia, Brazil), another updated version has been released - 4.6. This new version contains several substantial changes in utility tools, an updated opportunity cost, and a new environmental benefit index (EBI) to incorporate new knowledge that came to light during the PROBIO meeting in Bahia.

Press Releases: TAMARIN 4.3 for Central Atlantic Forest officially launched in Brazil
Important Documents: Proprietary Rights and Disclaimer
TAMARIN 4.6 Fixes: Adjust for PAs in PU Theme replacement Avenue code
Adjust for Polygons in PU Theme replacement Avenue code
Publications: Draft of TAMARIN experinece (Gorila Book)
Useful Links: ESRI's ArcScripts web page

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The initial development of the TAMARIN toolbox was conducted by researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, under a grant from The World Bank and completed in early 2002.  Since then, TAMARIN has been further enhanced and developed by Conservation International and The World Bank, such that it is now easy to adapt the system for use in emerging corridors worldwide.  The land value survey data were  gathered by the Institute for Socio-Environmental Studies of Southern Bahia.
The funding for the development of the current version of  the TAMARIN framework was provided by Conservation International and  the World Bank.
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